Review Salesforce Structure and Capabilities
Determine Key Sales Person contributors and contrast their techniques with the lower-performing sales people.
Diagram the Sales Process to establish Key Milestones to securing Orders.
Assess Pricing Approaches used.  What Pricing Authority is possessed by the Sales people?
Examine Pay Structure of Salespeople to ensure it’s compatible with Company Goals”
Sales Services


Determine Key Products by Revenue & Margin using Pareto Analysis
Review Sales Promotion materials for compatibility with Business Goals
Examine Tools used for identifying New Potential Customers by Market Type and Geographically.
Review Competitive Materials to determine Pricing & Placement opportunities.
Examine Logic and Effectiveness of Sales Structure to reach Target Customers.
Determine how Pricing is set for the Product Line.
Search for Pricing Improvement opportunities.


Review Development Programs for Timeliness and Business Impact. Reallocate resources if necessary.
Determine Responsiveness to Sale/Marketing Needs.


Determine Production Cycle Time Reduction opportunities.
Identify Production Bottlenecks and Causes.  Create Remedial Programs.
Identify and Fix areas with High Scrap
Evaluate means to Reduce Work-In-Process (WIP) Inventory to free up Cash.
Review “Make-or-Buy” opportunities
Evaluate Purchasing Practices to Identify opportunities for Better Costs and Reduced Replenishment Times.


Ensure Timely, Accurate Reporting
Confirm Costing Techniques are accurate and in line with
Management Needs.

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